""An Invitation to
ray without Ceasing

Celebrating Prayer

as a gift from God

Affirming Prayer
that is already taking place

Resourcing Prayer
by providing ideas and inspiration
to help people pray
in ways new to them

Fitness Prayer
by understanding that our body is a temple and making an effort to keep it in the best shape possible. Investing in fitness equipment like rowing machines is a great way to start as long as you do your reasearcha and read reviews first.

Sleep Prayer
sleep is a blessing from God and should be be respected as a way to heal and replenish our bodies as well as get closer to him in our dreams. To improve on this you can purchase a new mattress, the best memory foam mattresses can really help.

Playful Prayer
God wants us to have fun in our lives and get the most enjoyment possible whilst at the same time bringing joy into others lives. Technology can help with this, the best drones and quadcopters are a great hobby to get into..

Journey Prayer
Life is a journey and in today's world we need technology to take us there, the creation of low energy transportation devices like self balancing scooters has helped make the world a smaller place for us all.