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The Methodist Church encourages churches and individuals to focus on prayer and Pray Without Ceasing was an initiative of the Church’s young people, who called on the whole Church to promote a year of non-stop prayer. Although the Year of Prayer ended at the end of August 2006, that's no reason to stop praying!

The aims of Pray Without Ceasing

* To encourage continuous prayer

To affirm prayer that is already happening


To open new channels of prayer and encourage people to try out new approaches to prayer

* To be inclusive – of age, gender, culture, theology…..etc
* To have a clear link to the Priorities of The Methodist Church

A programme of continuous prayer was launched at the Methodist Conference at the end of June 2005 and ran until the end of August 2006. Methodist Districts (33 in Great Britain) were encouraged to organise continuous prayer events for a week or fortnight within that 14-month period.

As well as this Prayer-Rota, people organised local prayer events all year.

Resources were, and still are, available here for those who want to be inspired to pray – perhaps in new ways, perhaps more frequently, perhaps for the very first time.

* Information about events and conferences that you can get involved with

News of events that have taken place

* Ideas for ways of praying
* A Chat Forum so that you can share ideas and talk about prayer
* Links to sites that offer resources for prayer and ideas for '24/7 style' prayer events